The Magic School Bus: Oceans NDS

The Magic School Bus: Oceans NDS

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Nintendo DS
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Ages 7-12
Nintendo DS
Video Games
Dimensions: 9L x 4W x 1H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.5
Publisher: Scholastic Media
Subject & Theme: Science
Genre: Games


Awesome graphics and stimulating activities let kids drive The Magic School Bus to the bottom of the sea!


Hop on The Magic School Bus to explore an ocean teeming with life!

Play seven games with just under 200 science interactions! Earn points to unlock ocean areas to explore and learn hundreds of facts about underwater life! As Ms. Frizzle says - WAHOO!

Gameplay Features:

  • DRIVE THE BUS: Players step into the drivers' seat of The Magic School Bus as they unlock the six levels of the ocean - each time transforming into a new marine vehicle!

  • EXPLORATION GAMES: Engages players with open exploration, allowing them to navigate areas of the ocean selecting the sea life they wish to explore.

  • FUN SCIENCE EDUCATION: Seven games with just under 200 ocean interactions allow players to learn key science concepts.

  • TRIVIA: Apply knowledge learned throughout the game to answer fun questions posed by everyone's favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle!

  • REPLAY VALUE: Once ocean levels are unlocked, players can go back to the bus to travel between ocean levels, play more games, learn more science facts and discover new sea animals.

  • ANIMAL LIFE: Discover over 100 facts and over 100 sea animals.
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