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Ages 8-10
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-559753-1
144 Pages
eBook Features: Reading Challenge Quiz
English Language
Compatible with These Devices: Storia is available for Windows® PC, iPad®, Kindle® Fire, and Android™ tablets. *This eBook is best viewed on a PC or tablet. Not recommended for small screens.
File Size: 6 MB
Illustrator: Brian Floca
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Themes: School Life, Individuality
Genres: 3rd Grade, Realistic Fiction
Awards: Caldecott Medal Artist


This charming story about a tomboy who gets cast as a princess is an entertaining and funny chapter book read.


Marty McGuire prefers frogs to sparkly tiaras and hiking boots to tutus. So when she's cast as a princess in the school play, it must be a mistake…right? Wrong! Marty dreads her role in the school play, but with a little imagination and a lesson on improvisation, Marty comes up with a hopping good surprise for everyone at the performance. Why use a stuffed-animal frog onstage when a live one would be so much better? One thing is for sure, Marty makes the part her own and gives an unforgettable performance that really does make everything end happily ever after!

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