The Greatest: Muhammad Ali (eBook)

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali (eBook) (Storia eBook)

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Ages 11-14
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-558403-6
192 Pages
eBook Features: Reading Challenge Quiz
Compatible with These Devices: Storia is available for Windows® PC, iPad®, Kindle® Fire, and Android™ tablets. *This eBook is best viewed on a PC or tablet. Not recommended for small screens.
File Size: 10 MB
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Themes: African Americans, Sports Figures, Other Sports, African American History Month
Genre: Literary Nonfiction
Awards: Newbery Honor Author


With fascinating historical details and up-close photos, this thrilling biography of one of the world's most legendary athletes packs a punch.


Renowned boxer Muhammad Ali is known not only for his bold personality and amazing skills in the boxing ring, but for the way he took a stand against injustice and racism at great personal cost. This book tells the amazing story of his life—from his childhood in Louisville, Kentucky, through his illustrious career as the greatest boxer in the world, all the way up to his courageous struggle with Parkinson's disease in his older years.

Ali's compelling, one-of-a-kind story, told through recollections and many black-and-white photos, is written in an approachable style that will appeal to young nonfiction readers.

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