Geronimo Stilton: The Kingdom of Fantasy: The Quest for Paradise (eBook)

Geronimo Stilton: The Kingdom of Fantasy: The Quest for Paradise (eBook) (Storia eBook)

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Ages 8-10
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-539368-3
320 Pages
English Language
Compatible with These Devices: Storia is available for Windows® PC, iPad®, Kindle® Fire, and Android™ tablets. *This eBook is best viewed on a PC or tablet. Not recommended for small screens.
File Size: 32 MB Note: due to large file size, this title may take several minutes to download.
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Themes: Hamsters, Mice & Other Rodents, Dragons & Other Mythical Animals, Reluctant Reader Appeal
Genres: Action & Adventure, Humor & Funny Stories


In this full-color adventure, Geronimo jumps at the chance to return to the Kingdom of Fantasy.


The Queen of the Fairies invites Geronimo back to her fantastical world to help in the quest for the true heart of happiness. This time Geronimo rides on the wings of a rainbow-colored dragon as he makes his way through seven fantastical lands. From the land of sweets to the land of fairy tales, it's an incredible journey he'll never forget!

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