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Clifford's Puppy Days™: Halloween Howl

Age: Ages 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-K
Summary: Today is Clifford's first Halloween, and the little red puppy could not be more excited. He's playing outside with his friends Norville the bird, Daffodil the rabbit, and kittens Flo and Zoe when they hear a scary sound coming from somewhere inside Clifford's apartment building.

The noise is coming from inside the new neighbor's door. There must be a monster living in there! When Emily Elizabeth announces that she's going to visit the neighbors, Clifford hides in her backpack so he can protect her from the monster. Will Clifford get tricked, or will he find a surprising treat?

With candy-colored illustrations and super-sweet characters, this book spins a howling-good Halloween yarn.

Available Formats:

Enriched eBook: $4.99

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