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Ages 4-8
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-43-939516-8
32 Pages
Dimensions: 10L x 8W x 0.1H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.2
English Language
Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Theme: Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals
Genre: Fiction
Skills: Rhyme & Repetition


"Shake, shake, shudder . . . near the sludgy old swamp. The dinosaurs are coming. Get ready to romp." A neon-bright Brontosaurus, a dancing Deinosuchus, and other raucous dinos gather at the swamp for a wild, earth-pounding party in this exuberant picture book. Mitton's gleeful rhymes introduce dinosaur species as they rumble and boogie across the spreads in irresistible, color-saturated cartoonlike artwork that shows the humor and farce of the giant beasts shaking their scales and tails. The book ends with a nighttime scene of sleeping dinosaurs that's perfect for bedtime reading.

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