David huele!: David en pañales (David Smells)

David huele!: David en pañales (David Smells)

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Ages 3-5
Paperback Picturebooks
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-43-975511-5
12 Pages
Dimensions: 7L x 6W x 0.3H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.5
Spanish Language
Illustrator: Shannon, David
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.


En espanol: David huele! David en panales.

Acompana a David a descubrir los cinco sentidos: el tacto, el oido, la vista, el olor y el sabor. David sabe como divertirse, ya sea acariciando un perro o tocando el tambor. Pero tambien sabe que no hay nada mejor que jugar con mama al final del dia. Con el humor y el estilo animado de sus libros premiados de No, David!, David Shannon nos transporta a aquellos primeros anos de su fabuloso personaje. Perfecto para lectores principiantes!

Hey! What's that smell? Join David as he discovers the five senses: touch, hear, see, smell, and taste. From petting the dog to banging on a drum, David knows how to have a good time. But he also knows that there's nothing better than playing a game with Mama at the end of a busy and exciting day. With the same irresistible humor and vibrant style as his award-winning No, David! books, David Shannon takes us back to the "early years" of his most beloved character. Perfect for beginning readers as well as for the youngest children!

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