Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein?

Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein?

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Ages 4-8
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-43-983384-4
48 Pages
Dimensions: 0.2L x 5.9W x 8.9H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.22
English Language
Illustrator: Gilda Berger
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Theme: Science and Nature
Genre: Biography


A friendly writing style, an attractive design, and extensive research make this an excellent introduction to Albert Einstein for younger readers. His life and work, from his childhood in Germany to his time as a world-renowned physicist, is explored in


From being a mediocre high school student in Germany to becoming a world-renowned physicist living in Princeton, N.J., the life and work of Albert Einstein is clearly explained in a question-and-answer format for younger readers. The combination of easy-to-read text, large photographs and illustrations, and simple experiments, clearly explain Einstein's scientific work, such as the "Theory of Relativity."

A time line and index provide supplementary materials.

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