Geronimo Stilton #29: Down and Out Down Under

Geronimo Stilton #29: Down and Out Down Under

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Ages 7-10
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-43-984120-7
128 Pages
Dimensions: 7.6L x 5.3W x 0.3H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.34
English Language
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Subject & Themes: Action & Adventure, Mysteries and Detective Stories
Genres: Adventure, Comedy and Humor, Series


In this thrilling Australian adventure, Geronimo has to use all his wits to get himself out of a disaster-filled trip.


Kangaroos and koalas and crocs -- oh, my!

Geronimo and his good friend Petunia Pretty Paws (who is quite the adventuremouse!) head off on a journey to Australia to gather ideas for Geronimo's new book. Between surfing with sharks, being chased by poisonous snakes, and getting lost in the Outback, will Geronimo and Petunia every see New Mouse City again?

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