Twelve Long Months

Twelve Long Months

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Ages 13+
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-43-987763-3
320 Pages
Dimensions: 8L x 0.7W x 5.2H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.6
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Genre: Fiction


From Brian Malloy, acclaimed author of the adult novel The Year of Ice, comes a smart, funny, heartfelt novel about being a straight girl who's completely fallen for a gay boy.

Molly Swain is hopelessly in love. Mark is broody, mysterious, funny, attractive, artistic...basically, the only interesting thing in her small Minnesota town. She wonders to herself if they'll ever be more than lab partners, until the fateful day that she discovers they'll both be moving to New York City after they graduate. They're clearly meant to be together. Right?

Wrong. In Minnesota, Mark has a secret. And in New York, Molly discovers it. Not only is she not his type, she's not even the right gender. But does she immediately fall out of love with him? If only it were that easy....

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