Sassy #4: The Dazzle Disaster Dinner Party

Sassy #4: The Dazzle Disaster Dinner Party

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Ages 4-8
Hardcover Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-507154-3
144 Pages
Dimensions: 5.5L x 0.2W x 7.5H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.5
English Language
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.


Sassy wants to cook a fancy meal and it turns out to be a disaster. The recipe goes wrong. The cooking is a mess. And - the dog eats the cake. Thank goodness for friends and for all of the wonderful items Sassy stashes in her sack. Who knew stuff in a sack could save a dinner party?! Well, when you're Sassy Simone Sanford, a little ingenuity goes a long way. Backmatter provides simple and safe recipes that kids can do with the help of an adult.

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