How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? (Audiobook)

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? (Audiobook)

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Ages 7-8
Audiobook CD
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-524946-1
Dimensions: 6.7L x 0.4W x 6.7H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.5
English Language
Illustrator: Mark Teague
Publisher: Scholastic Audio
Subject & Themes: Behavior and Manners, Illness and Injury, Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, Humor & Funny Stories
Genre: Fiction


What if a dinosaur catches the flu?

Does he whimper and whine between each "At-choo"? Does he drop dirty tissues all over the floor?

Does he fling his medicine out of the door?

Just like kids, little dinosaurs hate being sick. And going to the doctor can be pretty scary. How DO dinosaurs get well soon? They drink lots of juice, and they get lots of rest; they're good at the doctor's, 'cause doctors know best.

Yolen and Teague capture children's fears about being sick and put them to rest with playful read-aloud verse and amusing pictures.

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