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Scholastic Discover More™: Emergency Vehicles

Age: Ages 4-8 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-2
Summary: This book is full of photos that reveal exciting details of how fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, motorbikes, and helicopters really work. There are also introductions to more unusual vehicles that do spectacular jobs, from super-scoopers to fireboats. Clean layouts, simple words, and clear word-picture relationships make these books perfect for children new to informational texts.

How Will I Get to School This Year?

Age: Ages 4-7 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-2
Summary: Ride the bus to school again this year? Been there. Done that. Why limit transportation, when there are so many creatures – and so many travel options – available? A school bus is smelly, noisy, and cramped. But what about taking an animal ride? • A giant mosquito would turn heads • A pig would hog the highway • A bald eagle would offer fast flight With this many possibilities, there could be a bouncy, bumpy, buzzy new ride every day! Witty, warm, and whimsical!

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 11-13 | Grade: Grades 5-7
Summary: Life hasn't been easy for 12-year-old Homer and his older brother, Harold, since their mother passed away. They've been living with Uncle Squinton, the meanest man in the entire state of Maine. When Squinton sells Harold into service in the Union Army for a quick profit, Homer decides to take off and track down his brother's regiment.

Once on the road, Homer travels by foot, wagon, train, steamship, hot-air balloon, and a horse named Bob. He encounters scoundrels, scallywags, and spies of every sort. And if his adventures are just too incredible to be believed, well, as Homer would say, "old Truth ain't nearly as useful as a fib sometime."

With humor and just a touch of exaggeration, Homer spins a rousing, page-turning tale filled with historical encounters, daring deeds, and good old-fashioned adventure.

Clifford's Puppy Days: Graduation Party (Reader #7) (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-K
Summary: Clifford the Small Red Puppy is so proud of Emily Elizabeth's school success that he's decides to throw her a BIG party to recognize her achievements. In this sweet tribute to realizing your goals, Emily Elizabeth discovers that everyone in her family, even her little puppy, recognizes how hard she has worked all year long.

It's Time for School, Stinky Face

Age: Ages 3-6 | Grade: Grades -2-Grades Babies & Toddlers-K
Summary: It's time to go to school, but first this child has a question. What if glue sticks the door to the school shut? Mom patiently answers that she will give her child a pogo stick to bounce through the classroom window. But the answer leads to another question, and the child's imagination leaps from one question to the next. What if aliens land in the jungle gym and goop everyone up? What if the desks are all flying around in the class? What if the principal is a witch? Mom reassures that school will be just as exciting as the child imagines—but probably not as messy!

Sunny pastels and light, airy illustrations light up this imaginative flight of fancy, which comes back to earth through Mom's wise and gentle words.

The Princess Fairies #1: Hope the Happiness Fairy (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 7-9 | Grade: Grades 2-3
Summary: Rachel and Kirsty are so excited to spend the week at the Golden Palace. They're going to live like real princesses! But before long, they discover that something is terribly wrong. The Princess Fairies' magic tiaras are missing! Without them, both Fairyland and the human world are a royal mess.

Hope the Happiness Fairy's magic tiara is missing—and now everyone is gloomy and glum! Can Rachel and Kirsty help find her tiara and bring fun back to the Golden Palace?

Math = Fun!™ Pizza Fractions

Age: Ages 7-9 | Grade: Grades 2-4
Summary: Pizza, the favorite kid food, is as instructional as it is delicious! Start by slicing a rectangular pizza pie into twelve equal pieces...and begin understanding fractions! Readers will learn about equivalent fractions, factors, the difference between a numerator and a denominator, how to put a fraction into its lowest terms, improper fractions, and much more.

National Geographic Kids™: Bats

Age: Ages 6-8 | Grade: Grades 1-2
Summary: Packed with up-close nature photos, this fact-filled book has nighttime's spookiest critters flying through its pages. It's easy to read, but still really informative, going deep into caves and forests to tell readers about bats' unique place in the wild and in the world. Also included is a bonus learning activity.

Goosebumps HorrorLand #8: Say Cheese and Die Screaming! (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 9-12 | Grade: Grades 4-6
Summary: When Julie picks up a creepy old camera at a yard sale, she is intrigued by its creative possibilities. But she quickly figures out that every time she uses it, something terrible happens to the people she photographs. So she's extremely freaked out when a picture her little brother takes of her shows her falling to her death. After all, in just a few days, she's supposed to photograph the entire middle school from the high dive at the new pool! She comes up with a plan to get rid of the camera once and for all—but will it be too late?

Just when Julie thinks the danger is behind her, she gets invited to be a Very Special Guest at HorrorLand, a spooky new amusement park. She's thrilled about the trip, but almost as soon as she arrives, she starts to get a bad feeling about the place. It only gets worse when she meets the other Very Special Guests, a group of kids her age who explain that they're all in mortal danger. They make a plan to escape, and just when they think they're safe, they get roped back in to HorrorLand—literally!

Both of the bone-chilling stories in this book have shocking last-second cliffhangers that will leave the reader with chills.

The Puppy Place: Jack

Age: Ages 7-9 | Grade: Grades 2-3
Summary: Aunt Amanda knows that Lizzie can't turn down the chance to foster a new puppy, so she brings over a boxer with an interesting problem. Jack loves to chew up everything in sight! Lizzie is very patient with Jack—until he eats her favorite book. But when Lizzie gets in touch with the book's author, a dog fan, she feels better. Will Lizzie find the right owner for this special pup before her house is destroyed?

Nic Bishop: Frogs (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 7-10 | Grade: Grades 2-5
Summary: Frogs are endlessly fascinating to kids, especially when looked at very close up. Nic Bishop's amazing images show the beauty and diversity of frogs around the globe—from tiny poison dart frogs to mammoth bullfrogs. The simple, engaging text conveys basic information about frogs, as well as cool and quirky facts.

If You're Angry and You Know It! (Enriched eBook)

Age: Ages 5-7 | Grade: Grades K-2
Summary: Strong emotions like anger can be overwhelming to young children—and they can be difficult to talk about, too. But discussing the situation of a character in a story is not threatening, so reading can be a good way of beginning a discussion. If You're Angry and You Know It is a lighthearted new version of the classic song, "If You're Happy and You Know It," and offers practical, child-friendly solutions to managing anger—from taking a time out to saying sorry.
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