Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Pete's A Pizza...and More Stories About Kids DVD

Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Pete's A Pizza...and More Stories About Kids DVD

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Ages 2-8
DVD Video
Dimensions: 0.1L x 0.1W x 0.1H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.2
Publisher: Scholastic - New Video
Subject & Theme: Reading and Literacy
Genre: Fiction


Pete's a Pizza (Written and illustrated by William Steig, narrated by Chevy Chase) When Pete is in a bad mood, his parents cheer him up by making a pizza with a very special ingredient - Pete!

Max's Words (Written by Kate Banks, illustrated by Boris Kulikov, narrated by T. R. Knight) When his brothers won't share their collections of stamps and coins, Max creates a collection of his own made up of words.

Moon Man (Written and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer) Rocketing down on a shooting star, Moon Man finds that life on Earth is different than he expected.

The Great White Man-Eating Shark (Written by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Jonathan Allen, narrated by Ray Henwood) Norvin, a boy who resembles a shark, uses his talents to scare away all of the swimmers at Caramel Cove - except for one female shark in love!

The Island of The Skog (Written and illustrated by Steven Kellogg, narrated by Anthony Edwards, Mary Beth Hurt, Diana Canova, and Steven Kellogg) A band of mice set sail to an island inhabited by a hostile Skog, only to find that they have a lot in common.

What's Under My Bed? (Written and illustrated by James Stevenson, narrated by Barnard Hughes, Melissa Callan, Peter Prinstein) Mary Ann and Louie are convinced there is something scary under their beds.

The Five Chinese Brothers (Written by Claire Huchet Bishop, Illustrated by Kurt Wiese) The classic story of five brothers with very special abilities.

DVD Features:Interactive Menu, Scene Selection, Spanish Version of Moon Man.
Awards:Parents' Choice Recommended (VHS/DVD), 2003; Oppenheim Platinum Award (DVD), 2003; Kid's First All-Star (DVD), 2003

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