Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

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Ages 7-11
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-06-441093-9
192 Pages
Dimensions: 7.5L x 0.5W x 5.5H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.733
English Language
Illustrators: Gath Williams and Roemary Wells
Publisher: HarperCollins
Subject & Themes: Animal Stories, Farm and Ranch Life, Friends and Friendship
Genre: Fiction
Skills: 2-3 Common Core Text Exemplar
Awards: Newbery Honor


Whether reading this beloved story for the first time or revisiting the magic of an unlikely friendship between a bashful pig and his eight-legged protector, fans will fall in love with E.B. White's tale of love, loss, and renewal. This paperback edition includes rich color versions of Garth William's popular illustrations that let readers discover, as Charlotte and friends did, that Wilbur is indeed "some pig."

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Introduce your child to an inimitable pig in an unforgettable story as they learn the magic of a special friendship.

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