Scholastic Reader Level 2: Hibernation

Scholastic Reader Level 2: Hibernation

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Ages 6-8
Paperback Reader Level 2
Paperback Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-54-536582-6
32 Pages
Dimensions: 9L x 6W x 0.3H inches
Weight (lbs): 0.4
English Language
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Subject & Theme: Reading
Genre: Nonfiction


Interesting facts, clear explanations, and striking photographs make this book an exciting look at wildlife in winter.


Learn all about these animals and where they go during winter!

During the cold winter months, some animals go into a deep sleep called hibernation. You'd be surprised to learn about all of the other animals that hibernate besides bears, like squirrels, skunks, chipmunks and bats. Children will learn how an animal prepares for hibernation by stuffing itself with food so that it can survive in its dormant months and how animals prepare "safe spots," like dens and burrows, so that they will be protected from predators as they sleep.

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