Scholastic eReading App Information and Privacy Practices

The operators of the Scholastic eReading App and eBooks are Scholastic Storia Inc. and Scholastic Book Clubs Inc. (referred to herein as "we," "us," and "our"), both of which are corporate affiliates of Scholastic Inc.

This document describes features and functionality of the eReading App that may collect information from you and your child, and how we may use that information. It supplements the Scholastic Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"). Your and your kids' use of the Scholastic eReading App and eBooks is also governed by the Scholastic eReading App End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Terms of Use. If there is a direct conflict between the EULA and the Terms of Use, the EULA governs. If there is a direct conflict between this document and the Privacy Policy, this document governs. By downloading and using the eReading App, you accept and agree to the terms of this document, the Privacy Policy, the EULA and the Terms of Use.

For FAQs about how to use the eReading App and Scholastic eBooks, please click here.

This document is addressed to parents, but if you are a teacher establishing an account for your classroom, the term "parent" covers you as well, and the terms "child", "children" or similar terms cover your students.

Log-in Credentials

You will be required to establish an account when you purchase an eBook for use on the eReading App. You will pick a user name and password as part of your account set-up. If you have an existing account with Scholastic for Clubs Ordering Online (COOL) or the Scholastic Store Online, you may use the same log-in credentials for your eReading App account. Individual bookshelves within your eReading App can be password-protected or not, at your option. You as the parent can disable or re-set the bookshelf password at any time. If a bookshelf is not password-protected, other users of your eReading App (such as other members of your household, if you are a parent, or other students in your class, if you are a teacher) can see the contents of that bookshelf, including any notes (but those contents will not be made publicly available).

A back-end persistent identifier is automatically assigned by our system to each bookshelf in your account. This bookshelf ID will remain the same even if you change the name associated with that bookshelf. User activities such as note-taking and wish lists (described below) are associated with particular bookshelves and their related IDs. Bookshelf IDs are used as a unique key to locate user information within our database(s).

Reading Reports

The Scholastic eReading App generates rich reading reports so that parents can see what books their children are reading, for how long and how they interact with them. These reports are accessed through the "Reading Reports" tab in Parent Tools in the eReading App (across multiple devices), or in your "My Account" area of

Reading reports include information such as the following:

This information is recorded locally on your computer or devices as your child uses the eReading App and then synchronized regularly with Scholastic servers, where it is stored. If you do not wish for this data to be recorded, you can turn it off within Parent Tools. Any data recorded before you turn off reports will remain on our servers unless you request that we delete it as described in our Privacy Policy.

Wish Lists

As your child reads, he or she will be presented with other eBooks that he or she might enjoy. Here are places where your child will see other eBooks:

In both of these places, once you have purchased your first eBook, your child is given the option to add eBooks to his or her "wish list". You can see all of the eBooks on your child's wish list by going to the "Wish Lists & Recommendations" tab in Parent Tools in the eReading App or in the "My Account" area of

You will also receive e-mails periodically with all of the eBooks that your child has added to his or her wish list (subject to any opt-outs by you). If you do not want to receive these e-mails, follow the "Unsubscribe" link that is available in each of these e-mails. If you opt out of receiving "Wish Lists", we will no longer send you "Wish List" e-mails, but your child will still be able to add eBooks to his or her "Wish List", which you will be able to see in Parent Tools.

If you do not want your child to receive the back-of-the-eBook recommendations described above, you can turn this feature off using Parent Tools in the eReading App or in your "My Account" area of Even if you turn off recommendations for your child, we may still recommend titles to you, the parent, in Parent Tools. The "More eBooks" feature cannot be turned off.

Notes, Highlights and Picture Starters

The Scholastic eReading App offers your child the ability to take notes on chapter books and Young Adult books by clicking on the Notes button within the reading interface. Your child can type in anything he or she wants as a note, and this note is associated with a specific page in the eBook. You can see your child's notes by going to your child's bookshelf and opening an eBook. If passwords are not set for your children's bookshelves (or, if you are a teacher, your students' bookshelves), they can access each other's shelves, and see each other's notes (but those notes will not be made publicly available). If there is a password on your child's bookshelf, you can re-set that password at any time to gain access to your child's bookshelf, including any notes taken.

Notes are stored locally on your computer or device. After you make your first eBook purchase, notes are also synchronized onto Scholastic servers, where they are stored long-term, so notes are shared between your devices. For example, a note made in an eBook on your PC appears on your iPad if you open the same eBook there.

Your child can also make highlights within an eBook, highlighting any piece of text in one of three colors. Like notes, these highlights are stored locally on your device and, after you make your first eBook purchase, synchronized onto Scholastic servers so that your child can see the highlights across multiple devices.

In addition to notes and highlighting features, your child can use a set of drawing tools called "Picture Starters". This activity gives your child an idea for a picture and part of a picture to start with, and then asks your child to draw the rest using virtual pens and stickers. The picture is stored locally on your device only.

Other Information We Collect from You

Information we collect from you in the eBook account and bookshelf set-up process (such as your child's first name, month and year of birth) will be combined in our systems with:

The data associated with any account(s) you have with Scholastic (which can include but is not limited to your name and address) may be correlated in our systems with your unique customer number, and with your and your child's eBook information. Also, we will correlate your full name and e-mail address with your child's eBook information to the extent necessary to send you "Wish List" e-mails. If you opt out of receiving "Wish Lists", we will no longer send you "Wish List" e-mails, but your child will still be able to add eBooks to his or her "Wish List", which you will be able to see in Parent Tools, and your name and e-mail address will remain associated with your and your child's eBook data in our systems.

Who Can See and Use the Information We Collect?

Your eBook purchases and your child's eBook ratings and wish list selections may be used to create overall ratings and recommendations for certain eBook titles that will be shared with other Scholastic eBook readers, but those ratings and recommendations will be based on aggregate information from other eBook users as well as your child, and will not be publicly associated with your child in any identifiable manner.

You, the parent, can see your child's individual eBook ratings and the contents of all bookshelves set up under your account, but this information is not displayed publicly. Other users of your account can see each other's bookshelves (including any notes taken) unless passwords are set for the bookshelves in your account. Notes are not publicly posted anywhere via the eReading App.

Operator Contact Information

Scholastic Storia Inc.
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 1-855-Storia1

Scholastic Book Clubs, Inc.
2931 East McCarthy Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 1-800-SCHOLASTIC