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BOB Books Value Set (Pack of 9)

Age: 3-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
Summary: Developed by Bobby Lynn Maslen, a teacher for thirteen years, and John Maslen, an award-winning watercolor painter, Bob Books starts the earliest readers with carefully chosen letter sounds, words, and short sentences that make learning to read simple and fun.

Included on this set:

  • My First Bob Books: Alphabet Set
  • My First Bob Books: Pre-Reading Skills:
  • Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers
  • Bob Books Set 2: Advanced Beginners
  • Bob Books Set 3: Word Families
  • Bob Books Set 4: Compound Words
  • BOB Books: Rhyming Words
  • Bob Books Sightwords: Kindergarten
  • Bob Books Sightwords: First Grade

  • Available Formats:

    Paperback: $107.00

    BOB Books Set #1: Beginning Readers

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Bob Books Set 1: Beginning ReadersTeach a child letter sounds with Bob Books Set 1! With four letters in the first story, children can read a whole book. Consistent new sounds are added gradually, until young readers have read books with all letters of the alphabet (except Q). Short vowels and three-letter words in simple sentences make Bob Books Set 1 a fun confidence builder. With little books, come big success. (TM)

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB Books: Sight Words (First Grade)

    Age: 4-7 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-2
    Summary: Sight words are words that must be recognized by sight rather than sounded out. They are the most frequently used words in the English language, such as "are", "was", and "out". Children who are learning to read are encouraged to practice and memorize this list of words, in order to become fluent readers (who are able to read for meaning rather than stumble over words). Sight words are taught primarily in kindergarten and first grade, though often the practice extends up through fourth grade.

    BOB BOOKS: have always incorporated sight words, though the sounding-out approach minimized their use. These will be the first BOB BOOKS products to focus on learning and practicing sight words. They will stand alone as two boxes - neither MY FIRST, nor numbered as a SET. Their noted grades (kindergarten or first) will serve as the level. The titles allow parents to choose whether to prep their children for next year, or reinforce what they've learned last year.

    Each box set includes:

  • 10 original books (each with 3 new sight words)
  • 30 flash cards
  • Parent guide

    All Bob Books feature:

  • Short, satisfying stories that kids want to read again and again
  • engaging drawings that support-but don't distract from-the text
  • A carefully crafted parent guide to using the books and flash cards effectively.

  •  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Book Award Winner

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB Books Set #3: Word Families

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Bob Books Set 3: Word FamiliesIn Bob Books Set 3, children progress gently into the next steps of reading. Consonant blends, endings, and a few sight words advance reading skills and create more complex stories. Use of word families make longer stories more manageable. Children love the eight books and hilarious pictures. They delight in two fun-to-do activity books..

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB Books Set # 5: Long Vowels

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Bob Books Set 5 introduces the important new skills of long vowels and the magical silent E. Maturing readers continue to love Bob Books with their lighthearted stories and entertaining pictures. Childrens' reading vocabularies grow quickly as they finish..

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB Books Set 2: Advancing Beginners

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Bob Books Set 2: Advancing BeginnersBob Books Set 2 continues to build reading skills. Use of three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds in slightly longer stories build confidence. Children love the hilarious (and sometimes mischievous) stories and pictures. These twelve books, filled with fun, drama, and surprise keep interest high for even the youngest readers.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB Books Set #4: Complex Words

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Bob Books Set 4: Complex Words In Bob Books Set 4, kids read eight humorous stories. Longer books and complex words engage young readers. New blends, more sight words and longer compound words advance their skills, while sounds repetition keeps reading easy. Meaningful stories and playful pictures keep kids absorbed.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: Learn how to read with all your favorite Star Wars characters! Perfect for reluctant readers, each book is illustrated with full-color images from the blockbuster Star Wars movies.

    This incredible boxed set focuses on short and long a, e, i, o, u sounds and includes ten books and two workbooks.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $9.74

    LEGO DC Super Heroes: Phonics Boxed Set

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-2
    Summary: Phonics comes to life with LEGO DC Super Heroes (TM) Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more!

    Learn to read with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all the other characters in the LEGO(R) DC Universe(TM)!

    These books will readily appeal to a wide audience--from LEGO fans to DC Super Hero fans! Beginning readers will enjoy the LEGO DC Universe's well-recognized heroes from movies, TV, comics, video games, and more.

    This set includes ten books and two workbooks (focusing on short and long vowels), all held in a sturdy box with a plastic handle.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $9.09

    My First BOB Books: Alphabet

    Age: 3-5 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-K
    Summary: Expanding on the core sets that have made Bob Books such a success, Spring 2008 brings us an all-new Bob Books set! This Alphabet Set includes 12 books of 12 pages each, and brings Bob Books' proven teaching tools to children who aren't quite ready to read Set 1 yet.

    The letters of the alphabet are introduced in a fun, easy-to-understand way as only Bob Books can!

    Bob Books were developed to provide structure and success for children learning to read, and encourage the joy of reading through simplicity, consistency, and warmth. These carefully graduated books introduce reading sounds logically and progressively. The success of Bob Books lies in the millions of proud new readers who have said, "I read the whole book!"

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    BOB BOOKS: Rhyming Words

    Age: 4-6 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-1
    Summary: BOB Books is back with a brand-new box about rhyming words!

    Perfect for beginning readers, this boxed set includes ten mini-books and thirty puzzle flashcards which focus on rhyming words. Recognizing rhyming patterns helps students build their reading vocabularies. This new BOB Books box is perfect to use alongside the beginners and sight works sets.

    In typical BOB Books style, these mini-books have friendly illustrations and silly stories.


    Lynn Maslen Kertell is the current manager of BOB Books and the author of the BOB Books sight words sets for kindergarten and first-grade. You can visit her and learn more about BOB Books at

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    Reading and Math Jumbo Workbook Grade 2

    Age: 7-8 | Grade: Grade 2
    Summary: This comprehensive collection of teacher-approved activities is designed specifically to meet the educational needs of your 2nd grader. More than 300 pages worth of skill-building exercises cover a wide range of topics, including phonics, spelling, cursive writing, reading comprehension, basic math, and more!

    Learning Highlights
    Activities provide unlimited practice in basic reading and math skills and will prepare your child for school success.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $11.96

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