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4th Graders

Focus on facts and engaging nonfiction as readers discover what interests them most.

Grades 3-7 | Ages 8-14
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Grades 3-6 | Ages 8-12
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Trait Crate: Grade 4

Age: 9-10 | Grade: Grade 4
Summary: In this amazing kit, writing expert Ruth Culham gives you grade-perfect picture books with in-depth lessons to help you teach the traits of writing-ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. The fourth-grade version includes: 6 picture books: A Bad Case of Stripes; The Mud Pony; My Mama Had a Dancing Heart; Come On Rain; When Comma Came to Town; and Wolf! Six 16-page teaching guides, each with a step-by-step model lesson, graphic organizers, a scoring rubric, and extension activities, 12 transparencies; and 6 colorful teaching posters. Add to this Culham's best-selling professional book, Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With the Traits, and color-coded stickers, and you've got a complete resource for teaching with the traits. Best of all, these materials are organized in a sturdy box with hanging folders-one for each trait-for easy, expandable storage that will accommodate trait-based lesson materials for years to come. For use with Grade 4.

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Banish Boring Words

Age: 9-14 | Grade: Grades 4-8
Summary: This must-have collection of 40+ word lists is packed with synonym choices for the most commonly overused words, such as good and said, as well as dozens of options for strong verbs, smooth transitions, and sensory and emotion words. A quick-reference guide for teachers and students to use during writing lessons and for independent work. For use with Grades 4-8.

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Writing Extraordinary Essays

Age: 9-14 | Grade: Grades 4-12
Summary: How do you turn unmotivated students into eager and accomplished essay writers? In this powerful resource, a master teacher gives you the tools you need to make this happen. Using his own original comic strips to engage students, the author demonstrates a variety of ways to teach students how to organize an essay, create vivid details, make effective word choices, and revise and proofread effectively. He provides rubrics to set clear expectations as well as samples essays that serve as models for students. For use with Grades 5 andamp; Up.

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Daily Trait Warm-Ups

Age: 9-12 | Grade: Grades 4-12
Summary: The most daunting tasks of writing-revision and editing-just became easier and more manageable with the publication of this book. Ruth Culham targets specific skills with short, powerful activities that help students gain independence and confidence as they revise their work for ideas, organization, voice, word choice, and sentence fluency, and edit it for conventions. The book contains 180 reproducible/downloadable activities-one for each day of the school year-on paper and CD. Plus think-abouts, scoring guides, checklists, and more. For use with Grades 3 andamp; Up.

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The Complete Year in Reading and Writing Grade 5

Age: 9-11 | Grade: Grades 4-5
Summary: Provides a detailed curricular calendar that's tied to a developmental continuum and the standards so you'll know not only what you should be teaching, but what your students are ready to embrace and what you can reasonably expect of them as successful readers and writers. Additionally, you'll find monthly units of study that integrate reading and writing so both work together to provide maximum support for your students. The units are organized around four essential components, process, genre, strategy, and conventions, so you're reassured you're addressing everything your students need to know about reading and writing. What's more you'll find ready-to-use lessons that offer exemplary teaching and continuous assessment, and a flexible framework that shows you how to frame a year of teaching, a unit, and a lesson and you can easily adapt all to fit the unique needs and interests of your own students.

For use with Grade 5.

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Anatomy Fundamentals: Life Laminated Study Guide

Age: 9 and Up | Grade: Grade 4
Summary: Designed as a companion guide for Science Fundamentals 2: Life Science - Humans, this 2-panel (4-page) guide is written for students grades 5-8. Each major system of the human body is featured through detailed, full-color illustrations by award-winning artist Vincent Perez, but at a comprehension level appropriate for middle-schoolers. Color-coded sections make finding particular body systems a breeze!

Topics covered include:
  • Skeletal System
  • Muscular System
  • Circulatory System andamp; Blood Circuits
  • Nervous System andamp; Brain
  • Digestive System
  • Lymphatic System
  • And more!
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    Amazing Word Power: 100 Words Every 4th Grader Should Know

    Age: 8-11 | Grade: Grades 3-4
    Summary: This illustration-packed book will help students learn and remember challenging words

    For each of its 100 words, you'll find a simple pronunciation, a kid-friendly definition, an example of how to use the word in a sentence, and a fun illustration that further scaffolds kids' understanding. Words are presented in groups of five that are linked in some way-for example, words may have related meanings or share the same Latin or Greek root. The pages also include lively notes and doodles to spark kids' interest. Plus, engaging word-building activities give kids the multiple exposures to a word they need to truly own it. Also includes a handy checklist so kids can track their growing word power.

    A fun, unique book that will help every child develop a prodigious vocabulary! For use with Grade 4.

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    Lessons for Guided Writing

    Age: 9-14 | Grade: Grades 4-12
    Summary: The key to successful student writing is effective teaching and scaffolding before and during the writing process. In this powerful book, veteran teacher Mary Sullivan provides explicit lessons that demonstrate what effective writing looks like. Students apply these writing criteria to short, focused pieces, which Sullivan responds to before the final draft is submitted. It's this immediate feedback with the expectation of revision that really moves students ahead as writers. Sullivan annotates her responses, giving you insight into her thinking, and then she shares the resulting revision. Wow! You'll be inspired by the results, and you'll have just the tools you need to use this approach successfully in your own classroom. For use with Grades 5 andamp; Up.

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    Side-by-Side Learning

    Age: 9-12 | Grade: Grades 4-6
    Summary: Hands-on, project-based learning enhances literacy and language of both English learners and English speakers as they work side by side-even within mandated programs. Book provides research-supported guidelines and strategies, with the DVD showing learners in action within two elementary classrooms where teachers support and stretch students' oral and written English and build content knowledge at the same time. Improve the quality of any unit of study through use of techniques demonstrated here. For use with Grades 3-6.

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    Purposeful Conferences Powerful Writing!

    Age: 9-12 | Grade: Grade 4
    Summary: In this friendly guide, veteran teacher Marilyn Pryle shows how to give focused and effective feedback during writing conferences. She annotates dozens of conferences transcripts, demonstrating how to select a teaching point for a conference, validate students' efforts, motivate them to revise, and build their confidence as writers. Her practical tips and strategies will help teachers make the most of this powerful teaching time. For use with Grades 5 andamp; Up.

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    Astronomy Quick Study Laminated Guide

    Age: 9 and Up | Grade: Grade 4
    Summary: ASTRONOMY Quick Study Guide

    A comprehensive guide to the known universe.

    Great reference for classes, including earth science and physical science as well as astronomy.

    Also great for those curious about the solar system and the universe beyond.

    This 6-page laminated guide includes:
  • history of astronomy
  • reference to space dimensions
  • solar system andamp; terrestrial planets
  • jovian planets
  • the sun
  • stars - atoms andamp; properties
  • starlight andamp; galaxies
  • cosmological concepts

  • This guide is laminated and comes with 3 punched holes for easy use.

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    Laminated Paper: $4.76

    Teaching Teens and Reaping Results

    Age: 9-12 | Grade: Grade 4
    Summary: How do you prepare teens for the world filled with jobs, technologies, and challenges that don't even yet exist? Take a pull-no-punches, inspirational trip inside the classroom of Three-Time Teacher of the Year award winner and celebrated young adult novelist Alan Lawrence Sitomer. Hear stories, discover teaching tools, and gain insights straight from the private file cabinet of his high school classroom. Yes, there are educators breaking through to today's teens in remarkable, innovative, reproducible ways. Meet one and learn his best strategies. For use with Grades 6-12.

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