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6th Graders

Award-winning books are just right for reading personal stories with complex themes.

Grades 5-8 | Ages 9 and Up
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Grades 4-9 | Ages 9-14
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MindUP Curriculum, The: Grades 6-8

Age: 11-14 | Grade: Grades 6-8
Summary: This research-based curriculum features 15 lessons that use the latest information about the brain to dramatically improve behavior and learning for all students.

Each lesson offers easy strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. The lessons fit easily into any schedule and require minimal preparation. Classroom management tips and content-area activities help you extend the benefits of MindUP throughout your day, week, and year.

Includes a BIG, 2-sided colorful teaching poster with fascinating facts about the brain!

For use with Grades 6 -8.

  • Research-based and tested in dozens of classrooms
  • Helps teachers motivate at-risk learners so each child can thrive - academically, socially, and emotionally
  • Kids love learning about how their brains work - and how they can help their brains "grow"!
  • Includes high-interest activities to connect MindUP learning to all content areas
  • Fosters a cohesive, caring classroom climate that enhances learning
  • Correlates with the social and emotional learning goals created by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).
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    Paperback: $18.74

    Trait Crate: Grade 6

    Age: 11-12 | Grade: Grade 6
    Summary: In these amazing kits, writing expert Ruth Culham gives you grade-perfect mentor texts with in-depth lessons to help you teach the traits of writing - ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conversations, Includes:

  • 6 mentor texts
  • 6 16-page teaching guides, each with four model lessons, student reproducibles, a scoring rubric, and extension activities
  • A CD with mentor-text passages, whiteboard activities, and student reproducibles
  • 6 teaching posters perfect for middle school
  • Add to this Culham's best-selling professional book, Using Mentor to Teach Writing With the Traits, and color-coded stickers, and you've got a complete resource for teaching with th etraits. Best of all, these materials are organized ina sturdy box with hanging folders - one for each trait - for easy, expandable storage that will accomodate trait-based lesson materials for years to come.

    6th Grade Mentor Texts:

  • Rules by Cinthia Lord
  • The Journey: Stories of Migrations by Cynthia Rylant
  • The Bunyans by Audrey Wood
  • Any Small Goodness by Tony Johnston
  • Island by Gordon Korman
  • The Day Martin Luther King, Jr., Was Shot by Jim Haskins
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    Teaching Reading in Middle School (2nd Edition)

    Age: 10-14 | Grade: Grades 5-8
    Summary: In this completely revised and updated edition of a best-selling classic, master teacher Laura Robb reflects on how her teaching has evolved over the ten years since the book's initial publication. Drawing on current research and her most recent classroom experiences with students all over the country, Robb presents abundant new material, including fresh literacy vignettes that showcase lessons and learning experiences. She demonstrates how she has fine tuned her strategy lessons, focusing on helping students become more aware of why they're doing what they're doing. She expands her discussion of motivation, differentiation, assessment, classroom management, and more-including a whole new chapter on conferring. Robb's passion for helping adolescents become lifelong readers radiates throughout the book, and she offers new insights and innovative ideas for working with students at this critical juncture of their literacy lives. Includes a CD with forms, charts, and more. For use with Grades 5 andamp; Up.

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    Paperback: $26.24

    Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for Middle School Grades 6-8

    Age: 11-14 | Grade: Grades 6-8
    Summary: The Complete Guide comes this collection of essential forms for assessing students, planning instruction, communicating with parents, and teaching forms of writing. From handy rubrics to weekly planning sheets to letters for encouraging writing at home, all the tools teachers need to make the most of the model are here, with clear guidelines for using them.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $24.74

    Reproducible Forms for the Writing Traits Classroom: Middle School: Grades 6-8

    Age: 11-14 | Grade: Grades 6-8
    Summary: This time-saving resource is essential to any middle school teacher dedicated to providing high-quality writing instruction, whether she's new to the traits or has been applying them for years. Compiled by the expert in trait-based teaching, it contains over 50 reproducible forms for assessing writing, planning instruction, keeping records, communicating with parents and-most important-helping students in grades 6 to 8 write with conviction and confidence. With a CD of all reproducible forms from the book. For use with Grades 6-8.

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    Paperback: $13.49

    Standardized Test Practice: Long Reading Passages: Grades 5-6

    Age: 10-12 | Grade: Grades 5-6
    Summary: These ready-to-go practice packets help students build the comprehension skills and endurance they need to tackle long reading passages on the test. Targets commonly tested genres: informational articles, biography, realistic and historical fiction, persuasive essay, poems, folk tales, and more!

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $11.99

    Teaching Writing That Matters

    Age: 10-15 | Grade: Grades 6-12
    Summary: Language Arts teachers and teachers in other content areas will find in this book an exciting new framework for teaching adolescent writing and a wealth of tools to enact it in their classrooms. The emerging Writing Studies framework encourages student growth through reflection on writing, purposeful and audience-aware projects, and the support of a writing community. The book includes innovative project toolboxes that show teachers how to motivate students to write with confidence and skill from their own experiences, the texts they read, and the research they conduct. For use with Grades 6 andamp; Up.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $17.59

    5-Minute Fractions & Decimals Practice

    Age: 9-13 | Grade: Grades 4-8
    Summary: These fun, super-quick daily math exercises for the interactive whiteboard help students strengthen the skills they need to succeed in class and on standardized tests. Using the ready-to-go ActivInspire (Promethean) files, students practice key math skills, including simplifying fractions, working with improper and mixed fractions, ordering decimals, calculating fraction and decimal equivalents, and much more. Perfect for engaging even the most reluctant learners!

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $13.59

    Writing Lessons To Meet the Common Core: Grade 6

    Age: Age 11 | Grade: Grade 6
    Summary: Step-by-step lessons to help you model the three types of writing students must master to meet the Common Core Standards:
    • Opinion/Argument
    • Informative/Explanatory
    • Narrative

    The lessons help students identify the key features and purpose of each text type and support them as they practice writing in each of these forms. Includes reproducible guided and independent writing frames and student self-assessment checklists!

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $9.59

    Building Essential Writing Skills: Grade 6

    Age: Age 11 | Grade: Grade 6
    Summary: Help 6th graders meet core standards with this collection of quick and engaging reproducible practice pages that reinforce important writing skills. Students write for a purpose, organize their ideas, use precise language, identify credible sources for research, proofread for grammar and spelling, and so much more! Perfect for independent practice or homework.

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $9.59

    Reading & Writing Lessons for the SMART Board™: Grades 4-6

    Age: 9-11 | Grade: Grades 4-6
    Summary: Research shows that learning is more motivating and fun on an interactive whiteboard. But teachers have very little time to create lessons for the SMART Board™. These ready-to-use lessons offer the perfect solution! Sure to engage students, these timesaving activities with launch-and-learn Notebook files, teach grammar, spelling rules, word choice, point of view, note-taking, and so much more. A great way to reach all learners and meet the standards!

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $18.39

    Riveting Read-Alouds for Middle School

    Age: 10 and Up | Grade: Grades 5-12
    Summary: Why read aloud to students in middle school? Reading aloud exposes them to a wide variety of text types and genres, builds background knowledge, models effective reading behaviors, and more. The selections in this book have been carefully chosen to appeal to diverse students and boost their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Each selection comes with a teaching page that includes discussion and writing prompts and more. A powerful way to cultivate students’ love of reading!

    Available Formats:

    Paperback: $17.59

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