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The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System (Audiobook Read-Along)

Age: 3-8 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-3
Summary: The field trip to the planetarium is foiled when the museum turns out to be closed, but Ms. Frizzle saves the day. The Magic School Bus turns into a spaceship and takes the class on a trip zooming through the atmosphere, to the Moon, and beyond! With up-to-date facts about the solar system, revised for this edition.

Available Formats:

Audio CD: $6.97

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body (Audiobook Read-Along)

Age: 4-10 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-4
Summary: The bestselling science series ever is now available on audio!

FORMAT: Paperback book andamp; CD

NARRATOR: Polly Adams, Cassandra Morris, and a cast of children.

Arnold has swallowed the Magic School Bus! Now, instead of seeing an exhibit of the human body at a museum, the class is taking a look at Arnold's stomach, his intestines, his bloodstream, and more from the inside on this heart-stopping fieldtrip - one the reluctant Arnold would be happy to miss.

Available Formats:

Audio CD: $6.99

The Magic School Bus: On the Ocean Floor (Audiobook Read-Along)

Age: 7-10 | Grade: Grades 2-6
Summary: When Ms. Frizzle drives the Magic School Bus full speed ahead into the ocean, the class takes a submarine expedition that's anything but ordinary. With a well-meaning lifeguard in tow, the class takes a deep breath and learns about hot water vents, coral reefs, plant and animal life on the ocean floor, and more!

Available Formats:

Paperback: $5.59

Audio CD: $6.99

The Magic School Bus: Climate Challenge (Audiobook Read-Alongs)

Age: 4-10 | Grade: Grades Pre-K-3
Summary: Trust the bestselling science series of all time to get down to the facts on global warming, so kids can understand the crisis - and how they can help solve it.

Like it or not, global warming is a hot topic, and it will affect the younger generation the most. So why not turn to the teacher kids like the most, Ms. Frizzle! Only the Friz can boil all the hoopla down to the scientific facts in a fun and informative way.

With trademark simplicity and wit, Joanna Cole explains why the earth is getting warmer, and Bruce Degen's bright, action-filled illustrations make the science easy to understand and fun to learn. This team brings a new, improved understanding to climate change, engaging kids and empowering all. Teachers will cheer!

Kids already love the Magic School Bus, and the love to do what's right by the planet. At last, a way to teach the curriculum and make an impact!

Available Formats:

Hardcover: $11.89

Audio CD: $6.99

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