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I SPY Game Pack for Nintendo DS

Age: 5 and Up | Grade: Grades K-5
Summary: Get ready for hours of brain-teasing challenges with this game pack featuring two I SPY games for double the I SPY fun! This unique I SPY game pack features two award-winning I SPY video games, I SPY Fun House and I SPY Universe, with over 50 I SPY riddles to solve and over 200 levels of play!


  • Each I SPY game offers seek-and-find play with unique themes, riddles and games
  • Solve a total of 54 I SPY riddles across 18 different photo-realistic I SPY scenes like carnival rides, game booths or even distant planets
  • In addition to riddle gameplay each game features brain-teasing puzzles and replayable games to extend the I SPY fun.
  • Available Formats:

    Nintendo DS: $14.99

    My Amusement Park NDS Game

    Age: 13 and Up | Grade: Grades 9-12
    Summary: Kids now can step into the driver's seat to build their very own amusement park in a simulation developed just for them! Kids can choose rides like the Pirate Ship, the Super Coaster, and more as they build a theme park into a huge success! Earn money by playing eight logic and puzzle games, then use the money to keep adding onto your park!

    Game Play Features:

    Build the Park: Choose from four different park plans then build rides, food venues and special attractions to open your theme park!

    Fix the Rides: Customers don't like broken rides! Tend to maintenance alerts to repair broken rides to keep customers happy.

    Keep it Going: Running an amusement park isn't all about rides and games. Fulfill food orders, beautify the park with landscaping and more!

    Earn Money: Play eight different logic and puzzle games to earn money to build a bigger, better park with larger and more expensive rides and attractions!

    Make it Your Own: Control the look of the park - from its theme to the design of the rides to the landscaping and decorations.

    Available Formats:

    Nintendo DS: $14.99

    Smart Games for Kids for Nintendo DS

    Age: 7 and Up | Grade: Grades 2-3
    Summary: Two Games in One!

    Make learning fun with these two games in one! In My Amusement Park, build and manage your very own amusement park. In Digging for Dinosaurs, travel on expeditions to unearth 21 dino digging adventures!


  • Choose from 4 different theme park plans!
  • Play 8 exciting logic and puzzle games!
  • Collect 21 different dinosaur cards!
  • Discover 21 different digging adventures!
  • Learn all sorts of fun facts about dinosaurs!

  • Rated E - Mild Fantasy Violence

    Available Formats:

    Nintendo DS: $14.99

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